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Evo X Complete System

Evo X Complete System

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Evo X 3" stainless steel complete system. We have designed our rear system with a twin box set up in a Y design which is a far superior design in terms of flow/power over a single box set up. Our Y design rear system also has a weight saving of 3 kgs over standard. The rest of the system is designed to be as straight as possible for maximum flow. In the system can also be incorporated a decat pipe standard or an optional 100 cell high flow cat (please ring for price adjustment) for off-road/competition use. A cat back weight saving over standard (17 kgs) is 5 kgs. Complete standard turbo elbow back system with cat weighs 21 kgs our 3" system weighs 13 kgs de cat, and 16 kgs with 100 cell cat. This should give an approximate gain of 22lbs torque and 25 bhp. Noise wise, standard system is 84db, 3" system without centre silencer is 92db and with centre silencer approx. 95db, which is well under for track day use. Tail Pipes can be of various size from 4" standard up to 5" stainless Steel Complete

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